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== All lessons after Tuesday 17 March have been postponed to later dates to be advised ==

Beginners' Lessons

Presented by Jim Taylor

Lessons start (usually) in March and July, at 10:00 am to 12:00 noon on Saturdays.
Classes run for 9 weeks after which, help with play sessions are available.
Lessons are FREE but purchase of the associated text book ($30) is strongly recommended.
For enrollment or further information, contact Jim Taylor 3289 0033, or the club house 3851 0299 during session time.

ABF Teacher Training Workshops

Presented by Joan Butts

ABF National Teaching Coordinator Joan Butts will present two Continuing Professional Development days at Arana.
The first - Help With Play - was on Sunday 1 March.
The training sessions are FREE to trainee and registered bridge teachers.
If you'd like to attend, please register via the ABF Website.

Better Bidding - For Improving Players

Presented by Kathleen and Mike Le Voi

A series of 1.5 hour lessons were going to be held on Wednesday afternoons between 18 March and 22 April, about 10 minutes after the morning sessions finish. However, due to the coronavirus situation, these lessons are now postponed until a later date. We will advise the future date when known.
Lessons will be based on the latest teaching material from Paul Marston, Audrey Grant and Joan Butts and will be FREE to club members.
To inquire about the rescheduling, email Mike.

Refresher Lessons

Presented by Jim Taylor and Dawn Benes

Join a 10-25 minute discussion on bidding & play of recent boards as well as popular bidding conventions.
Discussion starts at 12:30 pm prior to Social Bridge on Thursdays.